Scattered Subject

This project probes issues of subject, perspective and totality in the context of  the COVID pandemic.

I am making a single work bit bit bit: there will be 50 pieces  in all. When I complete each "bit" of the piece I mail it to a friend. It becomes a hand to hand connection to that person, contrasting with zoom room meetings and, Whatsapp conversations, this snail-mail exchange allows tactile, hand to hand sensations and associated emotions. Each piece is also part of questioning the bigger picture.

I ask friends to photograph of the work I sent them. I will  post these photographs here to show the "full" subject as it emerges mediated by their viewpoints and the mediation of the lights and colors of the places where they are living. In the process, I will probe the "subject" of the piece that will never be viewed all at one  "in reality" in a single site, and the way that I too am a scattered subject, made and mediated by the actions of others.

1. 50 A4 Envelopes

 © 2020 by Susan Ossman

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