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Beautiful and evocative, Susan Ossman’s exhibition In the Wash is as vibrant as it is graceful...


Like all Ossman’s art, these pieces suggest movement and light, emerging from her use of lines. Clotheslines, and the action of hanging laundry are intrinsic in the gestures of the paintings, but the lines also seem to represent a kind of kinetic energy running through the works. The undulating sense of motion is hypnotic in these pieces, as is the artist’s use of rich color and soft texture.

Genie Davis

Ossman is preoccupied with space. Both physical and metaphorical. The work has a strong sense of place, but at the same time, the depictions of fabric produce a feeling of impermanence and shape‑shifting evocative of transient lives where landscape, language and a sense of self are forever being renegotiated...The inclusion of text in several languages leads us to perceive it primarily as a visual and conceptual cipher for language itself with its potential for creating parallel universes and shifts of meaning in translation.


Natalia Zagorska-Thomas

The color moves like plumes. Her painting weaves in and out, subtle hints of depth through contrast of the stroke and blend of paint. The brush work has a linear quality which the artist moves across the picture plane as if waving a wand

Jacqueline Bell Johnson


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