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For this project I make art to explore practices of science and scholarship through art. I find new ways of working with and associating materials by shifting among field whose methods and materials have become second nature to me. This creates a critical distance and research process that while art-based is quite anthropological.


In 2016-17 I did fieldwork at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, a residential research institute for advanced study. Working among scholars was an occasion for self reflection, sometimes with a touch of critical humor: the detail below from "Spazieren Gehen" came to me as I pondered the kinds of accounting demanded of the increasingly corporatized, "publish or perish" academy. During that year in the field I worked a lot with what I call "almost" writing that is also prominent in that work inspired by scholarly conversations during spring walks.

Photo Essay

"From Fieldwork to Exhibition"


 "Spazieren Gehen," Going for a Stroll, 2017

Acrylic, tissue paper and ink on linen

IMG_8539 2.jpeg

"Cappuccino," 2017
Tissues Paper, Printing Paper, Coffee, ink. Photo by Claudia Englholm-Castrone


"Thought Blossoms" 2017.
Paper, photographs, cardboard, velum, acrylic, ink, sticky notes, paperclips, staples. 63 x 57 “ /160 x 145 cm.

Photo by Claudia Englholm-Castrone

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