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Gather Wood, Gather Words, Al 'arousa ( The Bride) 2014

 When I traveled around the North of Morocco in the 1990's, I was inspired by the relentless work of rural women who gathered wood in huge bundles to take home to their cook stoves. Ever since that time,  I have been inspired to work with the gesture of gathering wood and the image of a faggot  in paintings and installations that reflect on women's work and divides of corporeal and intellectual labor.

I am currently preparing a solo exhibition of this work for the American Legation Museum in Tangiers. The exhibition opening on 31 May, 2024 will feature a participatory intervention by Moroccan performance artist Ayoub Lahlouh and the "Momkin" collective.

Along with colleagues at NYU Abu Dhabi, I am also working on  collaborative program of art and experimental humanities on this subject.


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