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Year of the Elephant, 1991


detail of
"Gather Wood, Gather Words,
al 'arousa ( The Bride)", 2013
In memory of Amina Filali

 When I traveled around the North of Morocco in the 1990's, I was inspired by the relentless work of rural women who gathered wood in huge bundles to take home to their cook stoves. Ever since,  I have been inspired to work with the gesture of gathering wood and the image of a faggot  in paintings and installations that reflect on women's work and divides of corporeal and intellectual labor.

The exhibition opening on 31 May, 2024 at the Tengier American Legation Museum will feature new, site-specific  works from this project. The opening will feature a collaboration with Moroccan performance artist Ayoub Lahlouh and his "Momkin" collective.

The exhibition will also be the site for a group exercise in experimental humanities. The exhibition. performance and museum will create a laboratory to explore how viewing is conditioned by touch and collective action.

I am developing these and other current iterations of 'Gather Wood, Gather Words" at New York University Abu Dhabi in the context of the Anthropocene "Research Kitchen."


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