Silk and polyester organza, ink, acrylic paint, stones, bricks, wire, canvas, paper, plaster, thread.

All of my work is concerned with movement in all of its aspects.

Some pieces focus more particularly on migrations, my own and those of others.


I made Sources  for "WALLS" an exhibition of hte MMTW at the Kapelle de Versohnung, the "Chapel of Reconcilliation: at the Berlin Wall Monument. . It explores  the interplay of the multiple kinds of material and immaterial walls and how they shape identity. Pockets of native soil, lines of kinship and bloodlines, ancient and contemporary fingerprints are layered over maps of cities where I have lived and world maps on which members of the public at MMTW events have traced the paths of their migrations. The movement of the light-weight, flowing silk suggests the shifting relationships among these different walls and measures of identity across time, space and borders.. 

Mediterranean Sea Scroll

I made the first version of this piece for an exhibition on "Objects in/of Migration" at the Allard Pierson Museum of Mediterranean Antiquities.The silk surface of the scroll is  inscribed with texts from classical works of literature, sacred religious books, poems and songs. Their diverse scripts cross the seams of the fabric in smooth waves, evoking a  Mediterranean  of cultural continuity and  shared history.


Alternative stories of the  sea and its history are  tucked into the   rolls and folds of the scroll. The piece thus visualizes  the relationship of history to its remnants or untold secrets . While the texts inscribed on the surface are indelible, the  unrecorded names, words and pictures in the folds  can be edited, updated. changed  or discarded.

In Amsterdam I  included the bibliography of the texts it cites, as one would for a scholarly work,


I've redeveloped the scroll ofr ehibiitons in Bucharest and California. Each rendition  is focused on a different aspect of Mediterranean migrations.

The scroll can be exhibited, worn or performed.

Version 1: Allard Peirson Museum, Amsterdam

Center for Ideas and society, UC Riverside 2016

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