• Susan Ossman

The Day After

Thank you to everyone who made it to my open studio.

Today I'm transforming yesterday's gallery into a home again. As I take down each painting, or fold up or pack up an installation your voices return to me. A feeling brought forth by a color, or a theme that resonates with the work of another artist, a query about the relationship of anthropological research research to art making, or a comparison between pieces I've made at in different places or at different periods ....each of the thoughts you shared with me return to teach me something new about what I have made and shared.

The temporary association among objects made for different projects was an opportunity to rearrange thoughts as well as the live/work space. I'm anxious to get back to working with poppy dust and seeds and saffron and to rethink the possibilities of the "poppy project." But first I must reorganize most of the collection.

One visitor suggested that besides listing the year I made work and the media, I ought to indicate the number of airline miles each artwork had accumulated. A great joke, but also an important aspect of the media I've chosen to work with for different projects. Perhaps I'll come back to this topic in another post. For now, back to reorganization of my house, studio and mind.

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