• Susan Ossman

Hanging Up Science

This morning I installed "Bibliography" at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles. First, I climbed to the very top of the ladder to attach two lengths of fish line to the ceiling. Then, I unrolled the mile long lists of books and articles requested from the library of the Berlin research institute called the Wissenschaftskolleg during a six month period. The "Wiko" invites 40-odd scholars from all disciplines to reside there for year-long periods. So the references mingle titles from history and biology, musicology, economics and theology. Unfortunately, the librarians were not able to convert non-Latin characters to the format I needed to print up the long list that I used to compose this piece. So some books and scripts are missing.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the bibliography responds to being in this new environment, surrounded by the work of other artists working on the theme of "Applied Science."

It's been especially interesting working with this piece in this new setting because I've been writing about references and citations for a book I'm writing about fieldwork. Working and reworking with the thousands of books and authors in such a palpable way extended the project of making art to render the results of fieldwork. Hanging this work made of the work of others in the gallery I felt I was inviting all of the authors and the readers to Los Angeles. Perhaps one might imagine that through this piece they will be there in spirit

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