• Susan Ossman

Body Parts

The assignment:

to develop a work about a single body part for an exhibition at the end of August for Gestalt Projects at BG Gallery in Santa Monica.

I'd been invited to the exhibition based on one of my rare figurative pieces called "Labors Lost." For that very large piece I worked with my own body as a stencil, a brush and a pencil.

For the new work, I decided to pursue using myself in this literal way rather than working with a model ( myself or someone else). I decided to focus on one of the less expressive body parts: the stomach and particularly the navel. I Called the oil paiting on canvas and velum on the left "Centered." The second piece made with canvas, acrylic paint, handmade paper and etching ink is called "Monoprint." I'm not sure yet which belly the gallery will select for the show.

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