• Susan Ossman

Applied Science Exhibition

I'm very excited to be a participating in the upcoming "Applied Science" exhibition at Gallery 825, LAAA. The Opening is on July 13, 6-9 pm.

"Bibliography" is one of the works I developed through ethnographic research among scientists and scholars. I was living at a residential institute of advanced research called the Wissenschaftskolleg .

By making art, I was able to gain distance from the day to day practices of knowledge production including my own. It led me to study the materials and "hidden life" of how knowledge is made. And to work quite literally with the "stuff" of scholarship to consider how ideas come forth.

Bibliography is composed of all of the references to all of the books and articles that the 40 fellows at the institute requested from the library during a six month period. I print them on velum paper, cut them into rows and use scotch tape to set them in gently spiraling sequences that suggest the double helix of double-stranded molecules of nucleic acids such as DNA. H The sheer number of sources was amazing: nearly a mile and a halph long, even doubled up. I though about the cumulative nature of science as i hung them over the window. Do they shape a worldview or veil to reality?

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