• Susan Ossman


Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Welcome to my blog

where I will post thoughts about art once I leave the studio or gallery or performance hall. I am not sure what the practice of blogging will  unfold I'm imagining  posting about the relationship of color to scent in oil painting or  how I do research to make installations. I may chat about visits to exhibitions or share conversations I've had with sculptors, filmmakers or anthropologists.  I imagine blogging as an evolving space of errance. To ere is to wander; here I will wander after art, both practically,  trying to make sense of what I've just done in the studio, and metaphorically, imaginatively. As I set out to write about art, I think about how words and letters and scripts are included in art. In the next post I'll write about "almost writing" for work I made while living in Berlin in 2017.

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